Managing Your Remote Cisco Collaboration Now (Webinar)

Solving collaboration challenges should not be done alone. Everything runs faster, smoother, and more efficiently when teams collaborate. This, more than ever, could not be more important given the 2020 Pandemic and the major shift to remote working.

Many companies have leaned heavily on cloud collaboration tools such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) to, for lack of a better term, “stop the bleeding” and fill any gaps in communication and customer service.

However, what is the real-world impact of managing the underlying CUCM and multi-platform environments that support your current remote work groups, and ultimately, their safe return to the office?

Cisco and Nectar have been collaborating for years to bring CUCM customers the most advanced solutions for monitoring, diagnostics, analytics and testing to deliver an optimal user experience. In this blog post, we will highlight some benefits of Nectar for Cisco, and provide information on our upcoming webinar.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

CUCM, otherwise referred to as CallManager, is Cisco’s flagship enterprise unified communications and collaboration solution.

It allows people anywhere, anytime, and with any device to connect through Cisco’s integrated collaboration infrastructure for voice and video calling, messaging, and mobility.

CUCM provides reliable, secure, scalable, and manageable call control and session management. Features and capabilities include:

  • Unified Communications (UC) – features IP telephony, high-definition video, unified messaging, Instant Message and Presence
  • Enhanced Mobility – attract and retain the best talent by supporting mobile and remote workers
  • Local & Global – supports the needs of small, midsize businesses to large enterprises with up to 80,000 users
  • Cloud-Connected Global Operations – Webex Cloud-Connected UC integration allows for easy upgrades, analytics, and troubleshooting
  • Open & Interoperable – supports industry standards, a wide range of gateways and a broad ecosystem of third-party integrations and solutions plus partners
  • Secure & Compliant – continually supports the latest authentication, encryption, and communication protocols

Monitoring, Diagnostics & Reporting

Nectar has been a long-time preferred Cisco solution partner, providing customers the third-party UC monitoring, diagnostics and reporting tools needed to provide a centralized performance management view with real-time troubleshooting.

Specifically, Nectar 10 provides complete, real-time visibility across complex, multi-vendor application, network and endpoint domains for all Cisco call control environments.

Nectar 10’s advanced capabilities and features—Foundation, Perspective, Diagnostics and Advanced Analytics & Reporting—ensure a great user experience. Nectar 10 enables enterprise support and service provider teams to proactively manage complex multi-vendor networks.

In a nutshell, it provides enterprise IT teams with the actionable performance information they need to achieve faster issue resolution.

Visibility Gaps & Importance of Monitoring

In a previous webinar, we gathered data on important issues regarding Cisco use for enterprise needs. Two pieces of data stood out to us: first, the reported “visibility gap”, and second, the importance of live monitoring.

The data showed that many users (67%) reported that their own, or their client’s equipment was lacking. It also showed that more than anything, they valued life monitoring capabilities and accuracy over any other features.

With that information in mind we decided to host another webinar to address these concerns, and others, further.

Upcoming Webinar Presented by Nectar & Cisco

On Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 12 p.m. EST, Nectar Services Corp. & Cisco Systems will be presenting a webinar to discuss “Navigating the ‘New Normal’ in an ‘Abnormal’ Time” and “Managing your Remote Cisco Collaboration Now & Ultimately the Safe Return to the Office”.

The 60-minute webinar will be live but will also be available on-demand afterward for those who registered. Join experts from Nectar and Cisco as they provide insight on:

  • Staying ahead of the next unknown, the criticality of monitoring, and real-time diagnostics for your Cisco Collaboration environment
  • Maximizing technologies you already have and adding critical visibility into all the elements that may contribute to your user’s session health and experience
  • Managing risks with real-time video conference analysis for Cisco Meeting Server and TelePresence Video Endpoints
  • Testing your hybrid workplace/remote office capabilities for voice, video meetings and team collaboration

If you have any additional questions about Nectar for Cisco or would like to try it out, contact us and request a demo.