Cisco Collaboration Webinar: Survey Responses & Summary

On July 22nd, Tim Armstrong, Mark Reith and Bill Bernabe of Nectar hosted a webinar on Monitoring, Diagnostics and Reporting for Remote Cisco Collaboration Users.

During the webinar, they put up a few polls to get listeners feedback on important issues regarding Cisco use and their enterprise needs.

In this article, we will summarize some key questions and responses, and highlight how Nectar might be the answer to their problems.

Gaps in Visibility

The first question asked was “What is the largest visibility gap for your Collaboration environment?”

67% reported that their desktop/client equipment was the largest reason behind their visibility gap, while 17% attributed it towards their network, and 17% to the UC infrastructure, respectively.

A visual representation can be seen in the chart below.

Cisco Survey Results one

Clearly, visibility is important. This data shows that these users trust their network and infrastructure, but where they are lacking is in their equipment.

This may be due to so many working remotely and not having access to the physical technology that they would normally have on-site. This also applies to those on the road at clients, and not having the same access there as they do in their office setting.

Importance of Live Monitoring

The second question asked was “How important is live monitoring of Cisco Collaboration endpoints?”

The majority (83%) responded saying that it is important to have live monitoring of Cisco Collaboration endpoints, while 17% said it would be nice-to-have, and 0% said it’s not a current requirement.

We have broken it down in another chart below.

Cisco Survey Results two

If performance and network health is not monitored and tested live, by the time an issue has been identified by a user or customer, it’s already too late. This gap definitively shows just how important real-time monitoring is.

Nectar 10 for Cisco

Now that we’ve identified that visibility and monitoring are key issues for enterprise Cisco users, what can be done about it?

A solution is needed, and Nectar 10 is here to save the day as a knight in shining armor, if you will.

Nectar 10 provides complete, real-time visibility across complex, multi-vendor application, network, and endpoint domains for all Cisco call control environments.

Nectar shows how the network is affecting calls in a single pane of glass’ view that supports hundreds of thousands of users and sites worldwide.

If you’d like to learn more about how Nectar 10 can help enable a great Cisco UC user experience, schedule a demo with us.