Nectar DXP

The Digital Experience Platform for Contact Center and Enterprise Collaboration Operations

Deliver great customer, agent, and user experiences with an enterprise platform purpose-built for supporting voice, video, and omni-channel communications

Nectar DXP

A powerful and extensible service management platform that provides visibility, context and actionable insights across multiple workloads and vendor platforms.

Purpose-built for the unique session-based nature of voice, video and real-time collaboration, Nectar DXP functions as the core platform for Nectar’s portfolio of solutions.

Powered by a central correlation engine, the platform associates experience-impacting telemetry from multiple cloud and premises-based data sources to provide end-to-end visibility across the platform, network, and endpoint domains. Nectar DXP makes it easy for you to identify the most important data by surfacing actionable insights in a unique framework built to reflect the way in which people experience real-time communications.

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Nectar DXP Built for YOU

Built for the CLOUD

Harness the power of the cloud

Nectar DXP was built to run as a cloud service but was also designed with flexible deployment models that enable deployment and operations across industry leading public cloud services, private cloud environments, and, if required, on-premises deployments of the platform itself.


Provide the right data at the right time to the right user

In a world where too much data can easily overwhelm day-to-day operations efforts, Nectar DXP has been carefully designed to provide high-value, actionable insights for everyone from executives to support staff.

Built for the FUTURE

Enable flexible, scalable, and secure operations

Security, stability, and compliance requirements are dynamic and require flexible tools that allow you to get the most from your data without compromise. Nectar DXP is built to enable unique support and operations models with the enterprise class features you require.

Nectar DXP Core Capabilities

Nectar DXP functions as the central platform to support the specific Nectar solutions your organization needs. Each Nectar solution (below) adds powerful features unique to your Nectar DXP environment but the core platform features deliver a cohesive experience and powerful capabilities regardless of what additional platforms you enable.

Geospatial Dashboards

Powered by our unique implementation of IP Geolocation and private IP subnet mapping, Nectar DXP provides a visual representation of call quality, service availability and network health that is both highly functional and attractive.

Call Quality Dashboards

With custom filters and intuitive color coding, Nectar DXP allows you to visually represent trends and patters in digital experiences across one or more platforms. Nectar’s propriety session experience scoring displays a vendor and codec agnostic common metric that allows quick and intuitive analysis.

Centralized Reporting

Let your data come to you with regularly scheduled reports that can be delivered to your inbox when you want them. Need to run a custom report ad hoc? No problem, build the reports you need with a global library of report widgets and data sources.


From traditional application monitoring of threshold violations to advanced user and location-based call quality monitor and real-time automated testing results, Nectar provides the alerts you need to deliver proactive operations and improved response times.

User Dashboards

From Contact Center Agents to UCaaS Users, Nectar DXP is optimized around the end-user’s experience. Every monitored user’s data from all supported platforms is integrated into a single dashboard that is enriched by Nectar’s proprietary User Health Index.

Enterprise Security

Nectar DXP is built for real-world operations environments with type of standardized security and encryption your policies require. From standard Single Sign On enabled by SAML 2.0 to customized roll-based access (RBAC) within the platform, Nectar DXP gives you the power to easily authenticate users control both UI and programmatic access.

Nectar DXP Components

CX Assurance Platform

A Complete Suite of Contact Center DevOps Tools

CX is in the spotlight. With massive growth in transaction volume and digital channel complexity, operating a high-performing contact center environment has never been more important, or more challenging.

Customers expect seamless communications experiences with your brand and every interaction from the chatbot, to the IVR, to an Agent escalation need to perform flawlessly every time.

Nectar CX Assurance is the platform used by some of the most demanding Contact Center DevOps teams to perform everything from seasonal load and performance testing to regular functional and regression testing for day-to-day operations.

With native integrations into popular DevOps tools in support of Agile operations, Nectar CX Assurance simplifies and streamlines your customer journey testing so that you can deliver predictable, measurable outcomes that support great Customer Experiences.

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Endpoint Client

Visibility Into the Last Mile of Remote User and Agent Experiences

The Nectar Endpoint Client extends the capabilities of Nectar DXP with advanced endpoint network health and connectivity testing. Installed on the everyday devices that your mobile, work-from-home and remote users rely on for enterprise applications, the Nectar Endpoint Client is an ultra-lightweight, remotely controlled software agent that can be configured to test a variety of network health and service availability transactions.

When remote workers and work-from-home contact center agents rely on residential networks to support your enterprise workload, the Customer Experience can be impacted by anything from household network and WiFi issues to neighborhood and regional Internet Provider challenges. The unmanaged last mile has always been the weakest link in delivering great voice and application performance.

The Nectar Endpoint Client gives you complete visibility into the network health of remote, authenticated users. With support for desktop, thin client and mobile Operating Systems, the Nectar Endpoint Client continuously tests high-value voice and application connectivity from your remote users to public clouds, private or hosted datacenters and corporate locations.

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Advanced Diagnostics

Unmatched Visibility for Troubleshooting Real-Time Media and Signaling

The industry’s most advanced voice & video troubleshooting tool for SBCs, SIP trunks and other strategic network segments, Nectar Advanced Diagnostics provides voice and video engineers with unmatched capabilities for minimizing downtime and reducing meantime to resolution.

From phantom dropped calls to complex IVR transaction failures, Nectar Diagnostics captures and records signaling and media performance metrics directly from network devices. A variety of data sources, from APIs to traditional network spans or taps allow always-on analysis of every call. No more wasted time trying to replicate a failure after you’ve installed a temporary probe.

Nectar Diagnostics can be deployed as a stand-alone module or, more commonly in conjunction with a Foundation APM deployment powered by Nectar DXP. With various deployments models from VMs to dedicated appliances, Nectar Diagnostics brings value to any high-value telephony or video environment.

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Endpoint RTC Analytics

The Ultimate in End-User Experience Analytics

No telemetry portrays a more accurate depiction of a user’s experience than statistics captured by the endpoint itself. With support for everything from modern browser-based WebRTC sessions to the time-tested desk phone and soft phone RTCP-XR and QOS feeds, Nectar offers the most comprehensive endpoint quality analysis tools in the UC and Contact Center markets today.

Industries such as Health Care, Banking, and Public Sector often have users on a variety of endpoint technologies. In many cases, traditional desk phones and other physical endpoints are mission critical. Increasingly, Contact Center and Telemedicine providers are relying on browser-based communications or soft phones.

When its critical to understand the voice and video quality those users are experiencing, count on Nectar to capture, correlate and add value with Endpoint Real-Time Communications Analytics.

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