Nectar for

User experience monitoring down to the last three feet

Tackle support challenges by incorporating telemetry from the latest, advanced Jabra headsets into Nectar DXP

Get the Solution Brief

Troubleshoot Performance Issues as they Arise

Combined, Nectar and Jabra provide the ear-to ear visibility needed to fully understand a user’s experience.

Visibility Ear-to-Ear

Contact center managers and IT support will be alerted to elevated ambient noise, excessive crosstalk and more, no matter where users are located.

See the Big Picture

Jabra metrics are organized in Nectar’s easy to use dashboard, along with details from the call itself (Avaya, Teams, Zoom etc.), allowing support to see exactly what is going on and solve issues fast.

User Health Index

Data from all platforms (and Jabra headsets!), is compiled into a user’s personal baseball card and enriched by Nectar’s proprietary User Health Index, which summarizes their overall experience

The Nectar Difference

Nectar DXP monitors premise and cloud UC and Contact Center platforms capturing user experience data including call quality, endpoint health and network performance. Add on the Nectar Endpoint Client and test remote worker voice and video performance, including device health, wireless metrics, and network analysis for the last mile. Jabra’s new headsets deliver metrics and environmental data including ambient noise, boom arm position, cross talk, and more. This new Nectar for Jabra integration extends user experience monitoring all the way down to the last three feet.

Headset Experience Detail

See the Jabra headset experience (prolonged silence, ambient noise, Bluetooth signal etc.) integrated into overall session performance, delivering ear-to-ear visibility.