Nectar forGenesys

End-to-End Digital Experience Insights to Support Great Customer and Agent Experiences

Tools and solutions to enable world-class DevOps for Genesys environments.

Get the Solution Brief

When some of the world's largest organizations needed a comprehensive DevOps tool suite to support migrations and operations of their Genesys environments, they turned to Nectar.Contact us today to learn why.

From traditional, on-premises operations of Genesys Engage to PureCloud and Multicloud operations, Nectar offers the Digital Experience insights your team needs to deliver great CX on the industry-leading platforms from Genesys.

Powerful CX Assurance Tools for Dynamic Genesys Deployments

End-to-End Visibility

Support for vendor-proprietary protocols and new support for Genesys T-lib (telephony library) enabling powerful visibility for Genesys Engage administrators so there is no need to search through endless piles of data to get to the cause of an issue.

Faster Troubleshooting

Reduce churn by providing better agent support. From IVR and application integration testing to ensure great customer experiences before agent handoff to automated agent health monitoring, Nectar allows you to solve problems quickly.

Hybrid Operations

From Customer Journey testing to remote agent network health monitoring, Nectar provides a single pane of glass for all of your Genesys operations from the cloud, to the datacenter, to the home-based agent.

The Nectar Difference

No two Genesys environments look alike and the impressive capabilities of the CX platforms can result in increased complexity and the need to streamline operations. Nectar offers a variety of solutions to address the operational needs of even the most challenging of Genesys environments.

Automated CX Testing

Transform your functional and regression testing from a tedious, inconsistent task to an automated, proactive operation from the IVR all the way to the agent. 

Agent Health Index

Nectar leverages a variety of sources, from synthetic testing to browser-based WebRTC statistics to collect and correlate critical health factors to determine a proprietary score used to calculate a dynamic Agent Health Index.

Genesys Engage Diagnostics

Easily detect the Genesys Engage components involved in handling an individual voice sessions through event correlation of SIP protocol messages and Genesys proprietary Genesys T-lib events.

Remote Agent Health

From synthetic network testing of voice and application traffic to automated inbound testing from carrier trunks all the way down to advance agent emulation, Nectar delivers unmatched visibility for remote agent support.

Insights & Alerting

Individual session analytics are supplemented with automated insight that surface the most likely issues impacting user experience.

Advanced SIP Diagnostics

Optional real-time SIP session media analysis provides independent scoring of call quality statistics.