C-Level IT Management: Monitoring, Testing & Visibility

Written By: Steven Harper, Co-Founder, Senior VP Engineering

We talk a lot about the IT staff, along with network monitoring and testing to gain visibility into the network helps CIO’s drive value into the entire business.

CIO’s should be concerned about engagement, since for the people accustomed to being in an office and having the “water cooler” chat, no longer have that luxury. Much, if not all of that may largely be gone.

One thing we look at is how many voices and video meetings are taking place and how many people are using video? Also, are people seeing each other and communicating, collaborating? This adds a whole new dimension.

The focus is more on the collaboration and the unified communications platform, and the extended network is part of all of that.

We not only do break-fix and alarming, ie “here’s a problem or here’s something you should be concerned with”, but also provide informative reporting, analytics and feedback.

Nectar is providing real-time information so enterprise IT teams are able to see who the people are having the problem, and we also give reports and analytics on information such as on how many meetings, who attended, when did they join and are they staying for the duration of the meeting.

Those pieces touch on the bigger part of the need to ensure that all of your employees are still engaged and not feeling disengaged or disenchanted by being fractured and being forced to work at home, or not having that interaction they have largely been accustomed to.

We thrive on providing that insight. Technology can’t always fix everything, but we can at least point them in the direction.