Nectar’s Advanced CX Testing and Monitoring Solutions

 Works with all leading Contact Center Platforms

Nectar brings the industry’s most complete approach to customer experience management for UC and contact center teams by combining our core platform, network and endpoint monitoring capabilities with cloud-based stress testing, IVR monitoring, and remote call control pick-up/dial-out automation.

Contact Center professionals rely on complicated technology to deliver the right communication experience at the right time. From basic ACD capabilities to integrated IVR systems with advanced profile and skills-based routing, it’s easy for quality, configuration or software issues to disrupt the customer journey, potentially resulting in lost revenue or poor brand experiences.  As contact center environments have become more sophisticated and complex, it has become increasingly difficult to uncover issues before they negatively affect customer satisfaction.

Nectar’s CX Assurance is a cloud-based service solution which enables end to end automated customer experience testing & monitoring for Contact Centers, Interactive Response Systems (IVR) and Omni Channels. Nectar’s Customer Experience (CX) Assurance is designed to help UC and contact center teams and their technology partners deliver great Customer Experiences with a powerful set of automated discovery and advanced testing tools that allow organizations to identify and address issues before customers experience them. Nectar’s CX Assurance enables a variety of different types of testing with a focus on:

CX Monitoring Assurance

Service Assurance Monitoring through automated calls placed continuously on regular intervals into IVRs, ACDs or Contact Centers. Mimics Customer Experience Transactions with Dynamic call flow adaptation, QoS measurements and Voice Quality scores.

CX Performance Testing

Single instance tests with the unique capability to load a Contact Center with thousands of simulated calls, recreating peak volumes that mimic customer traffic. Tests begin at a scheduled time and ramp up to the maximum ports testing during the defined period. 


CX Assurance Solution Brief

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“Goldman Sachs has integrated Nectar CX Assurance with AWConnect with the capability of generating calls for performance testing prior to Goldman Sach’s migration from Cisco to Amazon. Also inlife, we use Nectar to proactively monitor the Speech applications implemented on Amazon Connect - particularly Speech Recognition applications every 15 minutes to make sure both uptime and to know if there is an issue before the end customer does.”

“We also use Nectar CX Assurance to test calls all the way down to the agent level to make sure there are no quality issues at the agent side especially when there is the use of a webRTC agent desktop, which is very reliant on agent’s broadband and browser/machine settings.

Advanced Features

  • Test Campaigns – simulating and automating real-world caller behavior
  • Telephony Error Diagnostics – identifying and reporting on; busy tones, crackling lines, incorrectly routed
    calls, SIP based errors, dead air, unterminated calls, ring outs.
  • IVR Issue Diagnostics – dead ends, vXML pages not being found, bad fetch messages played to callers,
    exceptions, incorrect prompts, incorrect attached data
  • Back Office Issue Diagnostics – unacceptable lookup response times, database related delays or failures.
  • Platform Issue Diagnostics – failure to recognize DTMF, dropped calls, calls dropped due to firewall restrictions.
  • Voice Quality Issues – clicks and noise on the line, artifacts generated by packet loss, intermittent gaps in audio during playback, stutter/jitter due to packet loss.
  • ACD/CTI/PABX Issues – Calls routing to wrong sites, inconsistent DTMF volumes, security related issues,
    dropped calls.
  • Scheduling – Campaigns can be run anytime and in sequence, call volumes can be built up gradually, or
    heavy spikes simulated.
  • Alerting – automatically sent via e-mail or SMS when issues are identified
  • Reporting – extensive reporting of generated calls, dropped calls, unexpected script faults, DTMF/speech faults, performance statistics/scaling

Nectar’s CX Assurance enables project and technology teams to focus time on more critical tasks. This results in accelerating project implementations, reducing unnecessary professional services costs and increasing return on investment, service reliability and customer satisfaction. Additional benefits often include increased agent satisfaction, reduce downtime, shorter maintenance windows and, where applicable, potential prevention of regulatory issues.C

CX Assurance is a subscription-based, software as a service (SaaS) model requiring no hardware or software on the customer’s premise.