Advanced Troubleshooting & Analytics for MS Teams (Video)

While Microsoft Teams has proven itself as an extremely valuable tool for enterprise end-users, the transition to the cloud has left many IT Operations and Support teams with a lack of visibility into the user experience (UX).

Microsoft’s basic dashboards and reporting capabilities provide some high-level insights, but troubleshooting and user-level diagnostics remain challenging tasks for many enterprises.

Complicating the situation, most enterprises are also deploying Teams while leveraging Direct Routing, which connects on-premise carrier telephony to Microsoft’s cloud.

The Direct Routing traffic represents all inbound and outbound PSTN calls, often the most important calls for most businesses. This has proven problematic for enterprises looking to effectively implement Teams in a timely manner.

That’s where Nectar comes into the equation.

By The Numbers

Nectar is leading the industry in helping enterprises support and manage the complex maze of endpoints, network modalities, and user scenarios delivered by Microsoft Teams.

We do so by leveraging Nectar 10, which is a powerful, easy-to-use advanced troubleshooting, analytics, and reporting solution to manage Teams collaboration and multi-vendor ecosystems for a great UC management experience.

But how important is real-time monitoring actually to MS Teams prospects and users? To give you some perspective, 76% of enterprises reported that real-time monitoring for Teams was considered a “must-have”.

Regarding the transition to Microsoft Teams, many (40%) reported they hoped to transition in 0-3 months. While 22% reported a timeline of 3-6 months and 21% at 6-12 months, this statistic further highlights the importance of advanced troubleshooting and analytics in order to assist with this timely migration.

Webinar: Advanced Troubleshooting & Analytics for MS Teams

Nectar Senior Solutions Architect, Ken Lasko, and Nectar Vice President of Product, Tim Armstrong, recently hosted a webinar that addressed the following regarding Nectar for Teams:

  • Advanced PSTN Call Troubleshooting capabilities
  • Monitoring SBC health and availability for Teams Direct Routing
  • Powerful media and signaling analysis for PSTN calls to and from Microsoft’s cloud

They also go into more detail on the statistics detailed in the charts above. To watch a full recording of the 60-minute webinar, follow this link.

Nectar & Microsoft

Nectar has been monitoring remote workers for over ten years, as well as Microsoft UC platforms since their inception. From the enterprise to the cloud and beyond, our tools and solutions can help you achieve “peace of mind”.

To request a demo or get more information on Nectar for Microsoft Teams, contact us today.