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Powerful, Easy-to-Use Monitoring, Diagnostics and Reporting Platform for Managing Collaboration and Multi-Vendor Ecosystems

Great User Experiences are Enabled by a Healthy Collaboration Environment

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Nectar enables the best Collaboration user experience with real-time visibility, alerting, troubleshooting and reporting across multi-vendor platform, network and endpoint environments

Nectar improves enterprise operations and service delivery capabilities with consolidated management of a wide variety of collaboration technologies, devices and deployment scenarios.

  • Best-in-class support for cloud, hybrid and on-premise platforms
  • Intuitive, simple and powerful interface to enable support, operations, engineering and executive users
  • Unmatched correlation of session health across platform, network and endpoint environments

Tools for Collaboration Operations


Superior platform, session and user experience monitoring & reporting. Nectar foundation delivers multi-vendor, multi-platform health and availability monitoring and reporting in a single interface that is purpose-built for voice and video environments. Leveraging a variety of advanced telemetry inputs, Nectar Foundation is at the core of every Nectar deployment.


Advanced, time-saving troubleshooting of voice and video sessions. Nectar Diagnostics offers a unique, efficient and powerful alternative to traditional time-consuming troubleshooting activities by capturing advanced signaling and media analysis of every monitored call or call attempt. This allows administrators to analyze the original phantom issue without having to spend hours or days recreating a failed call scenario.


Independent network health monitoring for voice and video traffic. Nectar Perspective is a platform-independent network monitoring and assessment tool that utilizes synthetic traffic between software agents to simulate voice traffic on key network segments and monitoring the health of those sessions in real-time.