Plan a Smooth Contact Center Cloud Migration

Every business’s challenges are different. A company with hundreds of thousands of agents will not face the same difficulties as a company that has 100 agents or less. In the past three years, more businesses have moved their business to the cloud. Here are different tips and advice on how your company can master a contact center cloud migration.

What Are the Main Challenges Businesses Face with CX Technology Systems?

The customer’s experience is essential for business. Your company should always look for ways to improve the customer’s experience. There is a wide range of issues when it comes to CX technology systems, including:

  • Securing budgets and costs
  • The ability to customize
  • Skill shortages
  • Integrating more than one technology system
  • Legacy system progress and flexibility
  • No common strategy
  • Cybersecurity threat

The top three challenges of CX technology systems are, securing budget costs, flexibility with legacy systems, and integrating multiple technology systems. Since 2016, these three primary challenges continue to be a problem for many businesses.

Getting to Know the Digital Workspace and Workplace

The digital workplace is changing many things for customers and employees. This workplace changes how employees collaborate and how well customers are supported. The primary factor that changes is how companies can do business. While the digital workplace may have a plethora of benefits, many companies are not ready to adopt such a drastic change at this time.

Vision vs. Reality

Many companies envision many things for their call center, especially when it comes to how the center interacts with different call center aspects, including:

  • Voice logger
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Fax
  • Dialer
  • Chat
  • Reports
  • ACD
  • IVRs

It’s excellent for all call centers to have all these things, but when the time comes to implement them, the process is not as smooth as businesses may have thought. In reality, call centers are more than solid-flowing network solutions. Call Center systems connect to many other systems, which can make it difficult for companies to make continuous improvements.

How Has Moving to the Cloud Helped Businesses?

Of all the businesses that were surveyed, more than 80 percent of business owners say cloud solutions improved their flexibility, have better reliability, and gives them access to new functionality that helps them test different ideas. More than 76 percent of business owners say moving to the cloud has helped them cut costs, and future proofs their technology infrastructure. Other benefits businesses have when they move their business to the cloud include:

  • Improved integration
  • Improved speed to market
  • Easy customization
  • Enhanced legal compliance and security

5 Tips to Follow to Master Successful Cloud Migration

1. Create a Baseline

How has your current system evolved? Creating a baseline helps with the evolution of customer journeys and includes out-of-date legacy systems. Without a baseline setup, you have no way of knowing if there are existing problems with your new or existing migration. When you create a baseline, you can test “like for like” performance and test all your paths for self-service. Setting a baseline helps you evaluate performance and ensure excellent voice quality to and from the agent. Voice quality has many dependencies, including:

  • An Internet service provider (ISP)
  • Contact center network
  • Computer
  • Agent

2. Update and Optimize Customer Journeys

A typical customer journey includes:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Service
  • Expansion

When you’re ready to update and optimize customer journeys, you need to assemble cross-functional teams to restructure the customer’s perspective. Many customer journeys begin in self-service and end with agent-assisted service. These journeys should be based on customer experience and customer feedback.

3. Automate Testing

Automated testing enables you to update or create new functional tests and design customer journeys simultaneously. It’s a good idea to build automated regression tests you can run throughout the migration process. To master your cloud migration, you need to use design-driven testing solutions that automatically create updates for tests as designs are being created.

At Nectar we can help with test automation to improve speed and quality. Our analysis tests your IVRs from end-to-end ensuring that your systems are capable of handling load while not impacting customers

4. Test at Scale

It’s a terrific idea to make the test at scale part of your decision-making process. One-and-done load tests are not enough. Testing at scale helps ensure your new contact center platform and the apps you’ve built for it, and your network can perform at scale, especially under pressure. Your company should also have ongoing quality assurance practices. These practices should regularly test system and network performance and any changes that were made since the last test.

5. Create a Design Production Monitoring Plan

You need to create a design production monitoring plan that covers all customer journeys, agent routing, and business rules. This plan should also include different channels and backend system connections. The design production monitoring plan assesses performance, availability, and transaction completion.

Understanding Active and Passive Monitoring

Passive Monitoring

Passive monitoring is the monitoring of devices. This process includes the monitoring of switches, servers, and hardware that are on and properly functioning. Passive monitoring, also referred to as inside-out monitoring, ensures data is appropriately running through your network. Passive monitoring is part of your cloud service.

Active Monitoring

Active monitoring is known as outside-in monitoring, and it focuses on the overall experience instead of one specific device. This type of monitoring is from the customer’s perspective.

Here at Nectar, we automate and create call flows, reduce the testing process by 70 percent, automate IVR documentation, update call flows automatically, and a variety of other things. We get how crucial it is that your business operates smoothly, and we’re here to help. At Nectar, we also provide innovative CX assurance and monitoring for your IVR platform and contact center.

The Nectar staff specializes in performance and functional testing. We provide load tests, benchmark, reports, and voice quality. Every owner of a business wants their company to be a grand success and better than the competition. We at Nectar wish to help your business soar and put its best foot forward. Nectar is a name and a business you can trust. We want the best for you and your business. Contact us today to learn more about our CX testing methods and techniques and learn how we can help your business.