Keeping Contact Center Agility in Remote Worker Environments

It’s easy for quality, configuration or software issues to disrupt the customer journey resulting in lost revenue or a poor overall experience with a brand.

Contact center professionals and customer service teams rely on highly-advanced technology to deliver the right communication experiences at the right time, so when problems arise, they have a solution at the ready. While many have been able to stay open on-site due to essential business regulations in several states, it doesn’t mean they’re not feeling the impact of COVID-19 too.

Regardless of what the local restrictions or lack thereof are, companies should continue to prepare for an indefinite work-from-home model. This shift presents a new set of challenges and considerations which are well-documented in this Forrester blog post.

Some contact centers have even opened facilities where their workers can both live and work, providing everything they need to function in one secure location. But, with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and CCPA mandates and security measures that need to be adhered to, along with infrastructure, accessibility and technological considerations, there are added risks. Many of these companies have decided those risks are worth taking rather than having their centers shut down, leaving customers even more frustrated in the long run.

Now is the time to be agile and equally considerate of people, operations, strategy and technology – the framework for customer service defined by Forrester. Each component is a vital part of a successful customer service center and needs support as we all get through this together. 

So what can you do to support each of these four components moving forward? It starts with having the right testing and monitoring solutions in place, which is precisely what Nectar’s Customer Experience (CX) Assurance offers. 

CX Assurance helps unified communications and contact center teams, along with their technology partners, deliver great customer experiences through a powerful set of automated discovery and advanced testing tools. These resources allow organizations to identify and address issues before customers experience them, resulting in increased satisfaction, reduced downtime, shorter maintenance windows and other benefits.

If you’d like to learn more about the capabilities and features of CX Assurance that can help your team, reach out to us!