Complete Multi-Vendor Network Visibility Allows for End-to-End Monitoring and Service Management of Avaya UC Ecosystems

Nectar Provides Immediate, In-Depth Analysis for Avaya UC Deployments

10591075-devconnect-tested-logoNectar’s Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP) is the only solution on the market today that provides true, cross-platform IT collaboration and management of global, multi-vendor UC environments. Nectar is the only vendor capable of leveraging its broad suite of UCMP capabilities to provide unparalleled ease of deployment across Avaya UC networks. With a real-time, centralized, multi-platform management and monitoring system, Nectar can bring clarity to complex Avaya Unified Communication interdependencies and business processes by delivering actionable performance information to executives and technical resources.

The UCMP product suite enables enterprise customers and their service providers to proactively monitor, manage, and measure the health and performance of their entire Avaya UC ecosystem. Regardless of other vendor or technology platforms that may be operating within the same network environment, the UCMP solution can provide seamless insight, metrics, and root-cause analysis of issues that may affect session quality and the overall Avaya UC experience.

Innovative Technology Makes Nectar the Smart Choice for Avaya UC Networks

Enterprise customers and service providers who currently implement Avaya Unified Communications technology now have access to the most advanced UC software solution available. It provides inventory, monitoring, alarm, root-cause-analysis, capacity, and performance management while enabling remediation for advanced IP communications systems. This feature-rich product portfolio allows IT organizations to effectively manage intricate, overlapping multi-vendor environments while reducing operational costs and maximizing their organization’s total cost of ownership.

With the UCMP software suite, Nectar can deliver exceptional performance management in the following key areas:

Network Pre-Assessment – Nectar’s Perspective Network Assessment Module provides advanced capabilities for synthetic testing, enables enterprise customers and service providers to visualize existing network gaps, and provides alerts on issues that may affect Avaya UC performance.

Multi-Vendor UC Application Health and Performance Monitoring – Nectar’s UCMP solution provides complete visibility across the entire Avaya UC ecosystem with integrated capabilities such as resource trending and utilization, capacity monitoring and planning, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. Further, Nectar provides simple access to voice quality metrics that include trace route and IP network visibility, real-time media analysis, and UC network awareness – significantly reducing the time it takes to isolate and resolve issues.

Robust Reporting and Advanced Analytics – Nectar’s enhanced reporting and advanced analytics capabilities work across the UCMP architecture to provide superior business intelligence. In-depth historical reports enable enterprise customers and service providers to track device performance and resource utilization trends. Custom reports and pre-packaged report packs for the most common devices and system resources are also available for Avaya UC environments.

Diagnostics and Root Cause Analysis – Nectar incorporates industry-leading technology designed to help you quickly identify, isolate, and remediate Avaya Unified Communication performance issues while seamlessly integrating multi-vendor environments for a positive end-user experience.

Exceptional Benefits for Avaya UC Environments

Regardless of an enterprise customer’s existing technology investment, the Nectar UCMP solution can support their unique business needs with software and services that ensure peak performance and optimum utilization of Avaya UC system resources. By providing complete IP network information correlation and comprehensive insight into cross-platform UC issues, Nectar can make a superior end-user experience a reality. Key benefits include:

  • The ability to provide more effective, usable data for trending and diagnostics
  • Identification of incorrect network settings within the network
  • Immediate notification on network events impacting Avaya UC deployments
  • Real-time media analysis of Avaya voice sessions
  • Site-by site performance trending and reporting
  • The ability to quickly bracket the source of performance problems
  • Monitoring and reporting on client premise Wi-Fi networks that may impact the UC experience
  • SIP signaling analysis and ladder diagram utilization
  • Root-cause analysis and intelligent alarm management
  • Synthetic calling to test both wired and wireless networks
  • Advanced analytics across multi-vendor UC platforms
  • Dynamic drill-down and ad hoc reports for Unified Communications Databases

With unparalleled multi-vendor UC platform and device support and experience, Nectar understands what it takes to meet the needs of enterprise customers and service providers alike. By considering how your company uses its unified communications assets, Nectar can offer your business significant economies of scale and IT collaboration while assuring an easy path for future technology needs and business growth.