Ensuring Optimized Avaya Customer Experiences (Webinar)

Nectar’s Unified Communications Performance Management Solution has revolutionized how enterprise businesses and service providers achieve application, network and endpoint health within multi-vendor Avaya UC deployments.

It provides immediate, in-depth analysis using a real-time, centralized, multi-platform management and monitoring system to deliver actionable performance information and resources to executives.

That being said vectors, which provide powerful call handling insights for Avaya environments have always proved challenging in large, complex deployments. In this article, we will summarize Nectar for Avaya, highlight some new advanced vector management capabilities and discuss our upcoming live webinar on the topic.

Nectar for Avaya

Nectar provides total visibility across Avaya UC ecosystems. It allows enterprises to monitor, manage, and measure Avaya UC network health and performance with seamless insight, metrics, and root-cause analysis of issues that may affect session quality and the overall UC experience.

While enabling remediation for advanced IP communications systems, Nectar provides inventory, monitoring, alarm, root-cause-analysis, capacity, and performance management. Nectar also allows you to easily manage intricate, overlapping multi-vendor environments, while reducing operational costs and maximizing the total cost of ownership for your organization.

Regardless of other vendor or technology platforms living within your network, only Nectar can leverage its broad suite of capabilities to provide unparalleled ease of deployment throughout Avaya UC environments.

New Advanced Capabilities

Vectors provide powerful call handling logic for Avaya Communication Manager environments but, for large or complex deployments, managing advanced call flows can be challenging.

Administrators are often asked to make changes quickly in response to dynamic business requirements which further challenges an administrator’s ability to maintain accurate records of these complex instruction sets.

Nectar has long supported advanced monitoring of Vector Director Numbers to support operations and capacity planning, but we’ve recently added powerful new capabilities to enhance Vector and VDN monitoring, including a new capability that visually displays vector commands.

This new visualization automates work that was previously a time-consuming and manual effort for Avaya administrators. Visualization further enhances the ability to quickly and easily display and verify changes in vectors.

These new capabilities from Nectar enable administrators to address new business requirements and ensure great customer experiences.

Nectar Thought Leadership Webinar Series

On Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 11:00 AM CST/5:00 PM BST, Steven Harper and Tim Armstrong will be presenting a webinar titled “Enhanced Vector Management for Avaya CM – Ensure Optimized Customer Experience with Visualized Call Flows”.

In this webinar, Steven and Tim of Nectar will address:

  • Inventory Capture (search, sort and filter) for Vector Directory Numbers (VDNs) and Vectors
  • Simplified, Universal Visibility into Vector Steps
  • Enhanced Vector Alarm handling
  • Create flowcharts to show Avaya vector call flows – “a picture is worth a thousand words!”
  • Vector History Capture – Creating new flowcharts, while archiving the previous

To register for the webinar, follow this link. After it concludes, we’ll have the recording available as well.