Advanced Troubleshooting, Analytics and Reporting Platform for Managing Microsoft and Multi-vendor Ecosystems for a Great Collaboration Experience

Cloud-based Unified Communications and Collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams or an on-premise solution like Microsoft Skype for Business, offer flexibility and predictable operational costs. However, a great UC experience will always rely on a healthy environment, even when the services are hosted by a trusted provider. Within this ever-evolving UC landscape, Nectar’s full suite of software provides seamless insight, metrics, and root-cause analysis of issues that can affect voice and video quality and the overall user experience anywhere at any time. With Nectar, IT professionals can deploy, support, and manage multi-vendor UC environments from the enterprise to the cloud and beyond.

Nectar provides UC and Collaboration application performance management for both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business in 5 primary categories:

  • Network Pre-Assessment
  • Monitoring
  • Management
  • Troubleshooting/Diagnostics
  • Analytics & Reporting
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Microsoft Teams - User Experience Quality Management in the Cloud

As voice and video collaboration platforms move to the cloud, the industry is addressing a misconception that the cloud provider is responsible for end-user experience. Microsoft and other cloud providers have made it clear that most of the responsibility for end-user experience remains with the enterprise.

Microsoft Teams is leading the industry with a collaboration platform powered by the cloud but delivered in a complex maze of end-points, network modalities and user scenarios. Nectar is leading the industry to help enterprises support and manage it. Nectar for Microsoft Teams is purpose-built to address the needs of IT professionals with a quick and intuitive interface for the most common IT operations use-cases, from analytics and reporting to troubleshooting user experience issues.

Nectar 10 is the industry’s most powerful and easy-to-use multi-vendor reporting, monitoring and diagnostics tools. Purpose-built for voice, video and real-time collaboration, Nectar 10 is designed for the cloud era with best-in-breed support for hybrid, premise and cloud-based environments. Nectar for Microsoft Teams allows enterprise collaboration teams to track overall health indicators and support user experiences in the cloud with:

  • Session Summary Dashboard
  • Session Details View
  • Conference Detail Views
  • User Experience Reporting
  • Adoption and Usage Reporting

With Nectar 10, IT Ops teams can easily spot global call quality trends to troubleshoot individual call and conferences with just a few mouse clicks

Nectar 10 Microsoft Teams Dashboard


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Microsoft Skype for Business - Proactively Managing Great Microsoft Skype for Business Deployments

Nectar 10 dramatically simplifies the operations of Skype for Business deployment, by automating the assessment and monitoring of the underlying networking infrastructure. With the deployment of Microsoft Skype for Business – the demands on network resources continue to increase exponentially, along with the user’s expectation of quality.  With Nectar, enterprise customers and their service providers can proactively monitor, manage, and measure the health and performance of their entire Microsoft Skype for Business ecosystem. Regardless of other vendor or technology platforms that may be operating within the same network environment, the Nectar 10 solution can provide seamless insight, metrics, and root-cause analysis of issues that may affect user quality and the overall Skype for Business experience.

Nectar Diagnostics - Because of the unique way in which Nectar Diagnostics software is integrated with Microsoft’s Software-defined Networking (SDN) API, Nectar’s service providers and enterprise customers are able to easily and proactively monitor, manage and diagnose in real-time Microsoft Skype for Business environments. In fact, Microsoft qualified Nectar due to its Nectar Diagnostics module which assures the highest quality Microsoft Skype for Business deployment end user experience.

“Growing network complexities and interdependencies affect overall application performance which often results in poor voice and video quality. Nectar answers the call with Nectar 10. The built-from-scratch solution improves on the company’s UC Performance Management platform, enabling stronger real-time visibility, troubleshooting, and reporting for modern multi-vendor platform, network, and endpoint environments.”

Rohan Thomas
Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Microsoft Critical Management Features

  • Network Testing & Monitoring to Microsoft Cloud: Uses synthetic RTP traffic between two or more software agents to test and monitor the health of the network segment relating to voice quality. Synthetic sessions mimic voice traffic (not ICMP/Traceroute) and can be configured to synthesize a single call or multiple calls simultaneously between agents. If using ExpressRoute, synthetic traffic supports monitoring of DSCP tagging.
  • Teams Direct Routing Call Analysis: Realtime analysis of PSTN calls or other traffic that traverses SBC using SIP. i.e. jitter, packet loss, SIP errors, etc.
  • Call Quality Lookup: Easily query the system to look up a particular call based on the username or the number dialed. Easily analyze a specific call for quality issues related to voice network stats ( jitter, packet loss, etc.)
  • User Experience Reporting: Automated, scheduled reports that logically display overall system call quality and user experience metrics based on location (subnet mapping) and type of call (i.e. PSTN vs Conference Call)
  • Call Quality Dashboard: Global summary display of locations on a map with real-time call quality statistics by call type (modality) to show volume of calls and health of calls for specific intervals of time (i.e. last 4 hours, day, week, 30 days, etc). Dashboard should enable filtering based on locations, etc.
  • Wi-Fi Base Station Performance Reporting: Call quality reporting by WiFi BSSID to show performance of top 10 and bottom 10 access points.
  • Endpoint Health Analytics: Health and performance analytics from SNMP enabled endpoint infrastructure
  • SBC Traffic Monitoring: Realtime summary analysis of calls traversing the SBC based on multiple factors such as total calls, answered calls, blocked calls, refused calls, outbound/egress calls vs inbound calls, etc.
  • SBC Health & Performance Monitoring: Realtime monitoring of SBCs for health and performance metrics including platform status, trunk status,
  • Automated ITSM Ticket Integration: Advanced event-based alarming and notification platform with northbound integration into ITSM tools such as ServiceNow. Specific notification and alarm handling based physical location of the monitored infrastructure, time of day and day of week.
  • Endpoint Health Analytics: Health and performance analytics from SNMP enabled endpoint infrastructure.

As enterprise organizations continue to face new and complex operational challenges within their evolving UC landscape, Nectar is poised to deliver unparalleled business value by helping enterprise businesses and service providers maximize existing technology investments, manage multi-vendor network complexity, mitigate cross-platform security risks, and achieve quantifiable cost savings. 

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