Nectar 10 Monitoring & Reporting Platform for Cisco: Total Visibility Ensures Exceptional Application, Network & Endpoint Health for a Great UC & Collaboration User Experience.

Powerful, easy-to-use monitoring diagnostics and reporting platform for managing Cisco collaboration and multi-vendor ecosystems.

Voice and video form the foundation of enterprise collaboration and never before have there been so many powerful collaboration platforms and technologies available to end-users. This golden era of collaboration enables new scenarios for end-users but also poses a challenge to IT operations and support teams who struggle to gain visibility into all the elements that may be contributing session health and user experience.

Nectar 10 provides complete, real-time visibility across complex, multi-vendor application, network, and endpoint domains for all Cisco call control environments. Unlike other vendors, Nectar shows how the network is affecting calls via a ‘single pane of glass,’ multi-site, multi-location centralized management view that can support hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

Because Nectar understands your need for a great UC & Collaboration (UCC) user experience, we have revolutionized the way in which voice, video, and web collaboration applications, systems, and networks are managed across a converged Cisco UC environment – helping you achieve real-time visibility into the quality of each UCC user’s experience, regardless of vendor platform or network configuration.


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Nectar 10: A next generation monitoring platform, the industries most powerful and easy-to-use multi-vendor reporting, monitoring and diagnostics tool.
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Key Features

Nectar 10 delivers unparalleled business value to your Cisco UC & Collaboration (UCC) deployment by speeding problem resolution and significantly reducing user dissatisfaction, which helps to eliminate operations team frustration and customer perception issues. With Nectar, you can now align your vital IT initiatives with key business objectives, free up critical resources, and transform your Cisco UC infrastructure into a highly responsive business asset.

Nectar 10 is comprised of four integrated components:

  • Foundation offers superior application, health, and performance monitoring and management via a ‘single pane of glass’ integrated view that enables active monitoring of critical UCC applications across multiple vendors.
  • Perspective identifies how the network is performing using easy-to-deploy synthetic testing capabilities that are independent of the UC platform.
  • Diagnostics unobtrusively monitor content, session, and network topology data using the industry’s first network-level correlation engine to deliver real-time visibility into the quality of the user’s voice, video, and signaling media experience.
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting utilizes a powerful BI reporting engine for analyzing session records and overall usage – providing dynamic analysis of endpoint and user environment data that is helpful to both operations and management teams.

Collectively, these capabilities offer exceptional application, network and endpoint health and performance management across monitoring, reporting, and diagnostics functions – thereby optimizing the user experience throughout your Cisco deployment lifecycle.

Nectar 10 for Cisco Benefits

  • Modular – Nectar optimizes the application, network, and endpoint domains of the Cisco UC deployment and provides flexibility in how you incorporate Nectar into your Cisco environment.
  • Scalable – Nectar can grow with your enterprise, offering integrated monitoring, diagnostics, and reporting for small, medium and large enterprise environments all the way up to very large global deployments.
  • Multi-Tenant – Nectar 10 is purpose-built to allow service providers to monitor and manage their entire portfolio of enterprise customers – which are insulated for security and privacy – via a comprehensive ‘single pane of glass’ view.
  • Cross-Platform – Nectar’s ability to provide monitoring, diagnostics, and reporting via a single tool – across multiple domains and UCC platforms – enables support for co-mingled Cisco, Avaya, and Microsoft environments.

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