Nectar’s Advanced CX Omnichannel Testing and Monitoring Solutions - Accelerating Customer Migrations to Amazon Connect

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Customer Experience Drives Customer Behavior, Loyalty and Revenue

Amazon Connect is an easy to use omnichannel cloud contact center that helps companies provide superior customer service at a lower cost.

Contact center environments are becoming increasingly complex. With cloud migration accelerating, the Digital Transformation movement and constant changes to the network, it has become increasingly difficult to identify issues before they negatively affect your business and customer satisfaction. Our solutions proactively identify system weaknesses, accelerate projects, reduce professional service costs, increases reliability and customer experience.

With the power of Amazon Connect, Nectar provides the industry’s most complete approach to customer experience management for unified communications IT professional and global contact center dev op teams. Our platform combines network and endpoint monitoring capabilities with cloud-based stress testing, IVR monitoring, and remote call control pick-up/dial-out automation.

Nectar CX Assurance - Empowering The Modern Era of Collaboration

Founded in 2006, Nectar has been committed to delivering unified communications, collaboration and contact center software and professional services for Fortune 100 companies globally. Integrated with Amazon Connect, Nectar CX Assurance brings Contact Center IT professionals omnichannel cloud-based stress testing, IVR monitoring, and remote call control pick-up/dial-out automation to accelerate contact center migration to the cloud and ensure a defect-free customer journey.  Moreover, benefits include enhanced customer experience and agent satisfaction, reduced downtime, shorter maintenance windows and, where applicable, potential prevention of regulatory issues. To learn more about our software solutions contact us today.


CX Assurance Solution Brief

Protect Your Brand and Elevate Your Customer's Journey with Best-In-Class Customer Experience Testing and Monitoring from Nectar
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What we provide

Nectar CX Assurance enables organizations to perform automated testing of the contact center infrastructure and applications, end-to-end.

  • Automates Discovery
  • Automates Load Testing
  • Exports the CallFlow to Amazon Connect format
  • Autoruns CX functional and voice quality tests
  • Deploys pre-business performance testing before making the platform live
  • Implements live to monitor of the customer journey from the customer’s perspective, ensuring that your CX applications are performing as designed

How We Help Customers

Nectar CX Assurance enables Contact Center migrations while minimizing time and risks.

  • Empowers users to be in control of their testing and the customer journey
  • Accelerate the timeline for migration while mitigating risks
  • Assure defect-free customer journeys
  • Enable organizations to take on Dev OPs approach when developing and migrating
  • Deliver solutions that are reliable and deployed quickly

“Goldman Sachs has integrated Nectar CX Assurance with AWConnect with the capability of generating calls for performance testing prior to Goldman Sach’s migration from Cisco to Amazon. Also inlife, we use Nectar to proactively monitor the Speech applications implemented on Amazon Connect - particularly Speech Recognition applications every 15 minutes to make sure both uptime and to know if there is an issue before the end customer does.”

“We also use Nectar CX Assurance to test calls all the way down to the agent level to make sure there are no quality issues at the agent side especially when there is the use of a webRTC agent desktop, which is very reliant on agent’s broadband and browser/machine settings.

CX Monitoring Assurance

Service Assurance Monitoring through automated calls placed continuously on regular intervals into IVRs, ACDs or Contact Centers. Mimics Customer Experience Transactions with Dynamic call flow adaptation, QoS measurements and Voice Quality scores.

CX Performance Testing

Single instance tests with the unique capability to load a Contact Center with thousands of simulated calls, recreating peak volumes that mimic customer traffic. Tests begin at a scheduled time and ramp-up to the maximum ports testing during the defined period.

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