Nectar UC Diagnostics for Session Border Controllers: Unparalleled Health & Performance Monitoring Provides Complete, Real-Time Visibility

Nectar’s Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP) offers a wealth of opportunities to solve critical customer needs.  It provides complete visibility into the health and performance of the SIP network and the Session Border Controller (SBC), and resolves migration challenges such as poor audio quality associated with ineffective design and implementation.

Within the modular UCMP framework, the UC Diagnostics (UCD) system efficiently tracks both signaling and media across the SBC infrastructure and session level diagnostics at the carrier demarcation point.  It allows you to effectively isolate issues related to the internal network, the SIP service provider, or the SBC itself. Total visibility eliminates finger pointing and ensures that corrective actions occur in a timely manner – thereby reducing time to resolution, guaranteeing optimal voice quality, and ensuring a superior user experience.

Challenge and Solution at the SBC

Key Features

  • Proactively monitors the health, performance, and capacity of the SBC infrastructure.
  • Tracks and monitors SIP signaling errors on both sides (public and private) of the SBC.
  • Provides clear RTP quality measurements on both sides of the SBC.

UC Diagnostics Functionality

Feature Description
Bracketing Isolates issues to internal (private) or external (public/PSTN) side of your SBC demarcation point, signaling, and/or media
Real-Time Media Statistics Provides real-time, during call, media analysis to show the true end user experience
Media KPI Offers current and historical key performance indicators for alerting and trending (MOS, packet loss, jitter, etc.)
SIP Response Codes Identifies unexpected SIP termination/error codes and quickly finds problem sessions
Ladder Diagrams Signaling Capture Quickly debugs hard to find signaling issues
Signaling KPIs Includes current and historical (signaling) key performance indicators for alerting and trending (post-dial delay, etc.)
Site Tracking Delivers site-based session tracking and reporting to identify systemic versus local failures (heat map view)
Related Sessions Swiftly identifies and relates all legs of a call


SonusJoint Development Effort Integrates Nectar Technology into Sonus SBC 1000 and 2000

Through a joint development effort with Sonus, a global leader in secure and intelligent cloud communications, Nectar has integrated UCMP capabilities – specifically, UC Diagnostics – with the Sonus SBC 1000 and SBC 2000.  From a centralized location, Nectar’s embedded UC Diagnostics (UCD) technology deploys in minutes to provide full signaling and media analysis, via a secure tunnel, for both the public and private side of the Sonus SBC – no need for network taps or SPAN ports.

With complete session visibility and WAN bracketing at each site, you can take a proactive approach to quickly identifying the location of signaling issues and media quality problems – before they can negatively affect the user experience. The embedded, fully integrated UC Diagnostics for Sonus SBC solution provides unmatched:

  • Scalability: Unique integration with Sonus provides the ability to monitor multiple geographically distributed SBCs from a centrally located UC Diagnostics system. This reduces complexity at the network edge and enables monitoring for new sites to be turned up via a simple configuration setting on the Sonus SBC. It also simplifies and speeds deployment by significantly reducing the setup time associated with monitoring new SBCs.
  • Centralized Management: A single UC Diagnostics system, or set of UC Diagnostics systems, can be installed in a centrally located and secure data center to monitor Sonus SBCs deployed at remote sites. This reduces the number of UC Diagnostics servers that must be installed, and dramatically decreases maintenance costs.

ucd_sonus_diagramUC Diagnostics for Sonus SBC: Key Features

  • Significantly reduces operations and maintenance costs since UC Diagnostics devices are not physically deployed at remote sites.
  • Enables monitoring of all remote SBCs via a single, centrally located UC Diagnostics system – with no loss of functionality.
  • Facilitates monitoring and rapid turn up of new sites by means of a simple configuration change on the Sonus SBC.

With considerable experience and technical expertise, Nectar understands what it takes to meet the needs of enterprise customers and service providers. By considering how your company uses its unified communications assets, Nectar can offer your business significant economies of scale and IT collaboration while assuring an easy path for future technology needs and business growth.

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