Certified Skype for Business Standard BluePerspective for Skype for Business Online: Powerful Network Pre-Assessment Tool Provides Visibility into Key Voice Quality Metrics in the Cloud

For any enterprise Unified Communications customer, the user experience is the most important value driver. Whether it’s cloud-based or premise-based, users expect the same quality experience with conference calls and online meetings. That is why Perspective for Skype for Business Online enables deep assessment and active monitoring, to ensure an optimum end-user experience.

Perspective for Skype for Business is customizable software that provides cutting-edge capabilities for network pre-assessment, voice quality troubleshooting, and real-time problem identification and resolution. It enables enterprise customers to identify potential voice traffic-impacting network issues between the enterprise site and Microsoft’s cloud.

From the Enterprise to the Cloud and Beyond: Achieving ‘Peace of Mind’

lync_skype_logosIn combination with the Skype Operations Framework methodology, Nectar’s Perspective network pre-assessment tool ensures optimal QoS settings throughout the enterprise network. Beyond the enterprise, Perspective gives visibility into key voice quality metrics in cloud environments where QoS is enforced (such as Express Route connections) or in the public Internet, where QoS cannot be maintained.

Perspective for Skype for Business Online can simulate actual voice traffic to the Microsoft cloud prior to deployment and is designed for both short-term pre-deployment assessments and ongoing active monitoring. It can pre-determine voice quality on both the internal enterprise network, as well as from the enterprise to the Microsoft cloud network. Further, it . Ongoing active monitoring of voice quality enables IT staff to identify user-impacting network events proactively, after users have been deployed in the cloud.

Perspective for Skype for Business Online enables IT personnel to:

    • Generate synthetic transactions to match expected VoIP traffic patterns
    • Identify issues that can affect VoIP quality
    • Perform load and stress testing
    • Receive alerts for violated thresholds

Perspective Screenshot

Hosted Unified Communications offers the promise of tremendous value and unparalleled flexibility for enterprise environments. Within this ever evolving UC landscape, Nectar’s full suite of software provides seamless insight, metrics, and root-cause analysis of issues that can affect voice quality and the overall user experience anywhere at any time. With Nectar, IT professionals can deploy, support, and manage multi-vendor UC environments from the enterprise to the cloud and beyond.


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