Multi-Dimensional Call Monitoring, Correlation, and Analytics for Comprehensive Business Reporting and Cost Analysis


Call Stitching: Los Angeles, CA office dials London Branch, with call being routed through Austin, TX branch then through Chicago. In this case, the call results in 7 CDR records and effectively as 3 calls of which each would normally bear a cost. At the end of call leg 7, CL-CDRs are generated. The 7 CL-CDRs will be stitched so that reports can represent the entire transaction.

Today’s enterprise business employees generate vast amounts of call data in their daily communications with customers, partners and vendors. This call data is time-consuming and expensive to closely analyze from a business cost perspective. As a result, attempts at analysis result in flat, one-dimensional reporting of data based purely on carrier rate negotiation.

Call Analysis is a comprehensive, multivendor Call Detail Records (CDR) collection and analysis tool that can “understand” the underlying technologies that produce those call records. Call Analysis collects data from multiple CDR sources, applies an actual and optimal cost to each call record, then makes this data available for in-depth business reporting and cost-savings analysis – so you can determine the most cost-effective way to route calls and save money.

Key Features of Call Analysis

Robust Reporting Capabilities Automatically generate true Business Intelligence and custom reports based on information from multiple data sources – providing a comprehensive view of information based on specific user needs. Include, for example, a detailed review of calling patterns and trends, capacity management, the impact on call routing, and much more.

Unparalleled Diagnostics Superior diagnostic capabilities for true end-to-end call flow analysis. Call Analysis identifies in detail how a call traverses multiple platforms to get from point A to point B, generating efficiencies in troubleshooting and complex call flow resolution.

Universal CDR Better understand and analyze call usage and costs through an exclusive ability to correlate multi-dimensional cost detail within complex, cross-vendor ecosystems

Call Stitching Gain deep insight into call data for calls traversing multiple platforms or geographies – so your business can troubleshoot complex call flow issues faster.

Rating Engine Centralized management of all carrier rates while intuitively including carrier-specific details such as billing intervals, set up charges and so on. The customizable rating engine enables organizations to rate and verify carrier bills as well as rate data for further analysis.

Vendor Knowledge Modules for Associating Related Records – Leveraging the power of Nectar’s Vendor Knowledge Modules, the solution is completely infrastructure aware and by adding critical data to the Call Detail Records (CDR) records enables the ability to associate multiple records to a single call.

Key Benefits of Call Analysis

Scalability – Whether your organization makes thousands or millions of calls per day, Call Analysis’ storage and architecture specifications can be customized to ensure the rating engine and data warehouse functionality operate seamlessly, as well as accommodate future growth.

Significant Cost Savings – Carrier grade rating engine that enables your business to effectively rate and re-rate calls for detailed analysis and reporting. Organizations like yours can now effectively identify routing efficiencies and verify carrier bills

Maintain Regulatory Compliance – Customizable rules that specify how long data is retained and user permissions hierarchies facilitate compliance with industry and government data retention and privacy regulations. Call Analysis also integrates with third party authentication and authorization platforms to enable secure user sign on and detailed audit trails.

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